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Hi, I am Max


8 Dec - Well, mom popped me out today, which was a good thing, as things were getting crowded in there, with my 7 brothers and 1 sister.  Let's see what this journey has to offer.

9 Dec - 5 Jan - Not a lot going on with life.  Just sucking down milk, when I can find an open titty, and peeing and pooping a lot.  My temporary humans are nice, they coddle over us a lot.  I hear my permanent human will be coming soon to visit.  

6 Jan - My human came today and selected me over all my brothers.  Bragging rights for life.  Says he will pick me up after he gets back from Vegas, whatever that means.  Guess I'll stay here and fight for food, and pee, and poop.

7 Jan - 28 Jan - Same ol, same ol

29 Jan - First visit to the vet today.  Got a shot, no biggie, I am tough.  They also put something called a microchip in me.  They say I can now be tracked if I ever get lost or run away.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not.

30 Jan - 6 Feb - Just chillin and waiting to go to my future home.....where is my human?  What's Vegas? So much to learn.

7 Feb - Finally, my human came and picked me up.  Not moving far, as he walked here.  Thought at least he would give me a ride.  Gotta get this human trained, and quickly.

8 Feb - New home not too bad.  Don't have to fight for my food, and anytime I pee or poop, or chew on something, my humans races to me.  Training him is gonna be a piece of cake.

17 Feb - My human took me for an over-nighter today.  I got to spend the night with his nieces.  They were awesome.  They played with me, gave me a bath (that wasn't much fun) and then played with me some more.  I like over-nighters. 

20 Feb - My human spent a lot of time outside with me today.  Nice warm weather.  He put gates on the deck to keep me in......didn't work, I squeezed through and escaped.  It was fun watching him chase me down.  He quickly closed off that escape route though, so now have to find another one.  No such luck yet.  Not as much fun peeing and pooping outside, my human doesn't come racing to me, just sits there and say "good Max".  

21 Feb - Got sick last night, tossed my cookies all over, and I mean all over.  My human was mumbling a lot.  Today, he kept going downstairs to this thing called a washer, carrying a bunch of towels and such.  I also got a bath this morning, my human said I stunk.  Didn't seem too bad to me.  Bath's suck. Took a walk today through something called a cemetery.  Lots of big stones, and very few people.  Wish he would unhook my leash so I could run free.  Bet he couldn't catch me. 

22 Feb - I felt much better last night.  My human must have felt bad for me, because he didn't put me in that steel cage, he let me sleep on the bed.  I was nice, didn't pee on it. For breakfast, I was expecting that same dry dog food he feeds me.  It's not bad, but not as good as mom's milk.  My human mixed in something called burger with the dry dog, was it good.  My human just may be a keeper.  Time for a nap. It's raining out today.  I don't like the rain.  My human says no walk today, no play time on the deck.  I have all this energy, what shall I do.  I know, I will drive my human crazy.  When I do that, he drinks something called crown.  It relaxes him.  That's nice.  My human let me out 3 times this afternoon to do my business, without a leash.  First two times, I came right in when he called.  3rd time, no way....made him chase after me for about 10 minutes....that was a lot of fun, but he didn't seem happy.  He put me in doggy jail for 2 hours.  

23 Feb - Restless night last night, just couldn't get comfortable, so I kept moving from spot to spot, which my human didn't much care for.  He eventually put me in a cage, which I don't much care for.  I whined and whined, but he didn't let me out.  Kept me there for 3 hours.  I was good though, didn't pee in my bed (peed on his floor later though, will teach him). After I slept for about 3 hours, after he freed me of course, my human took me on a road trip.  Have I told you how much I like to ride in his truck.  So comfy and long as the trip isn't too long.  My human likes to go to Lowes.  Must be a hangout for humans.  He always comes out with stuff.  We then went to Walmart, where he bought me some dogfood.  Guess I am not getting ground beef or pork today ;( Then off to the gas station, where he bought me a snack.  Such a nice human.  When we got home, I took another nap while my human cleaned the floors.  He does that a lot.....wonder why??? He mumbles a lot while he is cleaning, seems sorta grumpy.  Just trying to figure my human out. 

24 Feb - Slept well last night.  My human didn't put me in the cage, let me sleep in my room....When he woke up, he took me for a drive in the truck, love my truck rides.  He even got me some Scooby snacks.....think I will be nice for him today.  He says it is the weekend, we are just gonna chill.  I wonder how that is different from any other days.  My human is going out tonight, says he has me a sitter, and that I must be on my best behavior. My human says I am bipolar, whatever that means.  Most of the time, he calls me Max.  Sometimes he calls me Spawn of Satan.  He wants me to be Max tonight for my sitter.  We shall see what I feel like. 

26 Feb - My owner took me to the vet today.  I got so excited when I saw all the pretty women that I peed all over the floor....they just smiled and cleaned it up, unlike my human.  I got a shot, didn't hurt, I am tough.  Vet also probed me all over, felt so violated.....he says I may have a bladder infection, so he gave my human medicine for me to take.  It is cool, because he thinks he is hiding it in meat to get me to take it.  Just another way for me to get meat....

4 Mar - I was good last night, slept in the cage, didn't whine, didn't pee.  My human was so happy, he took me on a road trip, and then to visit more humans and other dogs.  He also took me on 3 walks today.  He got a new leash, I can now run free for 25 much better.  He also got a different dog food for me, with turkey and bacon....sooooo good....when not going on a walk today, I was pretty lazy....slept a lot while my human watched some game called golf.  I saw lots of green grass I could pee on, but besides that, didn't do anything for me. 

6 Mar - Uneventful day.  My human got a call from my future trainer.  Her name is Marta (I like her already)....they talked about my behavior, about how much I like to bite and how I do with commands.  She thinks my human is doing pretty well, and says she will stop me from biting.  I hope Marta is good, because I like to bite.....My human hopes she is cute.....

7 Mar - Slept well last night, my human put me in the cage, but I am getting used to it.  It is cool he gets up and lets me out....I have him trained well.  It snowed today, a lot, and I love to eat snow.  My human tries to prevent it though, cause it makes me pee a lot, and I like to pee.  Still taking my antibiotics for my bladder infection.  2 more days left.  My human called the vet (the guy that poked and prodded me)  about me peeing while I my human has to keep a log of everything he feeds me, how much water he gives me, when I pee....everything....boy, my human must like me to do all that work.....he still grumbles though. 

8 Mar - Today I finished my medicine for my bladder infection.  My human is now logging everything I drink and how many times I pee.  I pee'd 15 times today.  I think that is pretty good.  I will try for more tomorrow.  Heard my human hope for a smaller number.  We are not on the same sheet of music.  It snowed again, which I love.....I love to eat snow. Again, my human grumbled. 

9 Mar - My human took me on my longest road trip today, went to the state of Maryland.  Not too exciting, I slept most of the way there and back.  When we got back, my human brought in a new dog sitter, his nephew Caleb and his friend Tyler. Guess my human had something better to do, like drink beer at the Elks.  Oh well, had fun with his nephew. He took me to visit some more humans, who all dote on me and make me feel special.  It was fun.

10 Mar - Didn't feel well last night, my human let me sleep on the bed with him for about 3 hours.  I showed my appreciation by leaking some pee on him.  He didn't get upset, took me out to pee around midnight, then put me in the cage.  I was tired, slept there for 4 hours until I was freed.  The rest of the morning, my human cleaned....don't like that because he isn't paying attention to me.  I got his attention by peeing on his new carpet runner.  Thought he would be upset, he wasn't ....just put me in the den with the hardwood floor.....he did put me in the cage for about 90 minutes while he went to Walmart....that was cool, because he bought me new treats....they are AWSOME....I love my human. 

11 Mar - Slept well last night.  Around noon, went for a walk and met up with Mom.  She remembered me, which made me happy.  She had a friend with her, a little black, yappy thing....didn't much care for her, and she didn't care for me.  Then went with my human and visited his sisters family and was great.  All kinds of people that doted on me.....I do love visiting others....later in the afternoon, my human took me for a walk and I ran into my brother, Miko.....what fun that was. 

12 Mar - 19 Mar - Not much going on lately, so haven't been blogging as usual.  My human is learning, as am I.  I finally quit leaking while I sleep, which has made my human really happy.  At night, he lets me sleep on the floor in his room, and not in the cage.....I have been so grateful, I hold it until he wakes up and takes me out.  Lots of rides in his truck.  Not a lot of outside time, snows a lot.  Wish the snow would stop so I can play more outside.  Signing off now, need a nap.

22 Mar - White stuff has been falling out of the sky for the past two days.  My human calls it snow.  I love it because I love to eat it.  My human doesn't much like it though, and I haven't been out for a walk for two days.  I will keep eating it and eating it til my body shakes.....but it is soooo good.  He calls it Max crack, whatever that means.  So, me and my human have been inside all day.  No walks, no rides....he cleans, I mess things up.

26 Mar - Went to the vet today, got my last series of shots, to include my rabies shot.  Wasn't to bad.  Spent the rest of the day pretty much ignoring my human and making him mad. Ended up spending hours in doggy jail.  Also spent a couple of hours in the cage while my human went somewhere.